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Footcare with a Heart, LLC


We at Footcare with a Heart, LLC are WA state licensed nurses and foot care specialists by The American Foot Care Nurses Association. As foot care specialists we provide a wellness evaluation of your feet. We deal with thick or long nails, misshapen splitting or ridged toenails, and fungal conditions of the nails, excessive moisture between toes resulting in cracks or open skin, in-growing or in-grown nails. Other nail or skin issues arising from bunions, hammertoes, crowding or improper footwear. We provide referral assistance if conditions merit additional care by a podiatrist or surgeon.

We do not provide pedicures. Put your feet in our hands!

Due to COVID-19 and resulting safety standards, the foot care program has taken great measures to revise protocols, equipment, supplies, and staff training. Foot care nurses are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to keep nurses and clients safe, masks are required at every appointment regardless of their vaccination status.

We provide professional skilled foot care to the senior community.
Take a step in the right direction if you are troubled with any of the following issues:
·  Difficulty reaching or limited vision to see your feet clearly
·  Unable to manage nails or calluses
·  Misshapen, thick, splitting, or ridged toenails
·  Fungal conditions of the nails
·  Excessive moisture between toes resulting in cracks or open skin
·  In-growing or in-grown nails
·  Extra dry skin, cracks or fissures
·  Other nail or skin issues arising from bunions, hammer toes, crowding or improper footwear
·  Neuropathy, poor circulation or edema
·  Diabetic conditions

Location: Monday/Wednesday/Friday at
the Orcas Senior Center Foot Care Room
Other Locations by appointment
Contact Information
Phone: 360-622-8234