Orcas Island Film Festival

The Orcas Island Film Festival is a five-day event held annually. It’s a haven for film enthusiasts, showcasing over 35 brand-new, buzz-worthy movies screened in three state-of-the-art cinemas. The festival takes place in mid-October, boasting stunning autumn scenery and a charming island atmosphere.

Orcas Island is a quiet and pristine environment where film lovers can wander, reflect and digest films as well as enjoy the quaint village of Eastsound and its restaurants, bars, and shops.
Festival attendees can immerse themselves in stories from around the world that will inspire, inform and entertain. During our annual festival we typically screen over 30 incredible films over the course of five days in three venues, that boasts state-of-the-art cinema projection systems. Films at the Orcas Island Film Festival are, “the crème de la crème of the first-tier festival circuit,” says Charles Mudede, Film/Art critic from The Stranger.

Attendees will see these films before their official theatrical release and the festival provides a unique opportunity for filmmakers and film lovers to connect and share the cinematic experience as well as parties, panels and special events.

Diverse Film Selection

The festival curates a diverse lineup of films, featuring independent gems, documentaries, foreign films, and award-winning features before their official theatrical release. You’ll have the chance to discover hidden treasures and experience the latest cinematic trends.

Intimate Island Setting:

Orcas Island provides a picturesque backdrop for the festival. Imagine watching captivating films surrounded by lush forests, sparkling waters, and charming island towns. The intimate setting fosters a sense of community and connection among film lovers.

Unique Events and Activities

Beyond screenings, the festival offers a variety of special events, including filmmaker Q&As, panels, workshops, and parties. These provide opportunities to engage with filmmakers, industry professionals, and fellow moviegoers.

Critical Acclaim

The Orcas Island Film Festival has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike. It’s been named one of USA Today’s 10 Best Film Festivals in the Country and has been commended for its exceptional programming and beautiful island setting.

If you’re a passionate cinephile seeking a unique and unforgettable film festival experience, the Orcas Island Film Festival should be on your radar.