Stewardship Guide

Leave No Trace

Here are some tips that can help you preserve the environment for generations to come.

No Shortcuts, No Litter

Trails get lots of use in the summer. Help us keep them in good condition by picking up any inadvertent trash you spot to help Leave No Trace.

Keep the Peace

People enjoy the peace and tranquility the Island provides.

All Fires Must Be Contained

Burning is restricted in all but designated fire rings. Please help us keep driftwood that protects our beaches and bluffs safe.

No Fireworks Allowed, Including on Boats

Fireworks are not allowed in the Island due to the high fire hazard during summer.

Take It Easy

Keep It Slow

When driving, go slow to keep wildlife, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe on our narrow country roads. The maximum speed on any San Juan Island is 45mph, but in many places it is 20-30 mph. Observe speed limits.

Bike Safe, Bike Smart

Narrow County roads often have tight shoulders and poor visibility. Use caution, ride in single file, and pick safe, visible places to fully pull off the road if you need to stop. Always follow the rules of the toad and watch for “Sunday drivers” any day of the week.